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Come stay at our beautiful Lodge

Let us host your next event

Celebrate life's special moments or conduct corporate affairs in the heart of nature, a long ways from civilazation!

Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, corporate meeting, team-building event, family reunion, or a casual gathering with friends and family, we will put in all effort to accommodate your wishes.

Our capacity accommodates up to 30 guests, and if you book for more than 20 guests, you'll have exclusive access to the entire facility. 

We provide lodging in cabins or double/single rooms, and we are known for our homemade healthy cuisine and a laid-back family atmosphere.

Picture your selv sitting on the deck with a nice cup of coffee in your hand, enjoying stunning views of the Peace Reach of Williston Lake, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. Not hard to leave the everyday life behind for a while.

Located 90 km west of Hudson’s Hope, our camp is accessible only by boat. You can arrive in your own boats, or we can arrange pick-up at the Butler Ridge / Dunlevy Boat launch to transport you to "The Island."

Our amenities include meeting facilities, an entertainment room for rainy days, WiFi, TV, and games. Additionally, we offer guided tours to the mountains, guided fishing excursions, and perhaps even horseback riding.

For further details, reach out to us, and rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring your stay is truly unforgettable.



Your wedding day is a memory for a lifetime!

Let's work together on creating those enduring memories.

We are dedicated to plan your special day with you, tailoring every detail to meet your desires, whether it's the menu, decorations, activities, or the duration of your stay.

Picture a celebration where time is not a factor, and every aspect is taken care of. Imagine a scenario where your guests need not worry about driving home; instead, you all can enjoy each other's company within a relaxed, homely atmosphere, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Let's work together to make your wedding day an enchanting and stress-free experience.


Corporate meeting

Consider our facilities for your corporate meetings or a rewarding weekend retreat for your staff.

We offer a range of options, from fishing and sightseeing to hiking and even short horseback rides, providing your team with a well-deserved break and an extraordinary experience.

Switching up the setting for meetings or social events can offer a fresh perspective, fostering creativity and collaboration among your staff. Whether you're seeking a productive business environment or a refreshing weekend getaway, our offerings ensure a unique experience for your team.


Family Reunion

Gather, reconnect, and celebrate: Your ultimate family reunion awaits!

Our scenic location far away from civilization provides the perfect place for spending time with your family.

From kids to grandparents, we can arrange activities such as fishing, drive up into the high country, look for fossils and see if we can get close to a bear. We want to ensure everyone finds something to enjoy.


Cabin Rental

Whether you're in need of a one-night stopover during your fishing adventure or seeking a peaceful weekend retreat, come stay with us.

We are located at the shore of the Ottertail, 60 km west of Dunlevy boat launch, Hudson’s Hope

We have guest cabins for up to 4 persons each, with the most amazing view to the sun rises over the lake!


At our comfortable lodge you will find shower/toilets, TV, WiFi, outside fire place, dining room and entertainment facilities.


We provide all meals, and are well known for our homemade cooking If you go hungry, it’s your own fault!


Team Building

Strengthen bonds and explore the wild together:

We offer adventure beyond the ordinary with outdoor experiences, problem-solving challenges, and activities that promote teamwork and strategic thinking. Take a break free from routine and bring enthusiasm and motivation into your team in a refreshing environment that sparks creativity and new perspectives.

With our thrilling activities in the backcountry of The Rockies, we give your team an adventure of a lifetime.

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