Practical Information
Practical Information
Practical Information
Practical Information
Practical Information

Practical Information

All guests will be picked up at hotel/airport in Fort St. John not later that at 12:00 am the day before the hunt.

All hunts terminate when the sought-after game is harvested. You are more than welcome to stay and spend time of the lake fishing!

Please note that prepaid trophy fee will be refunded on non-successful hunt.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available at main lodge
  • All guides have sattelite communication with main camp.
  • There is only access to the area by boat.
  • We use small planes/helicopter only on emergencies.
  • We hunt by horses, side by sides, boats and hiking
  • We hunt from main camp, remote cabins and tent camps.
  • Keep in mind that these are mainly mountain hunts, so especially for goat and sheep hunts you need to be in good physical condition.
  • We recommend travel insurance and a certain level of flexibility on the return flight ticket, as weather can be an issue.
  • Riffles are available for rent on request on booking.
  • If you want to leave main camp before scheduled departure, a fuel fee of CAD 400.00 is payable.
  • For security reasons we do not accept any guest to be influenced by alcohol while hunting, riding and during use of boats and vehicles.
  • If an animal is wounded, we put in all effort to recover it, and we expect the hunter to be a part of the search.
  • Should an illegal animal be taken, it must be reported to the Wildlife Police and the animal must be taken to the nearest wildlife officer for inspection. The cost will be on the responsible person (outfitter/hunter)


  • Pick up and drop-off in Fort St. John.
  • Lodging and all meals from arrival in main camp to departure from main camp
  • Personal guide (1:1) and all transportation while hunting/fishing.
  • Skinning and field preparation of trophies.
  • Delivery of trophies to local taxidermist.
  • All licences and royalties
  • HPF, Hunters Preservation Fund (CAD 200.00 per hunter)
  • GST 5% of total amount & PST 8% of accommodation at main lodge


  • Taxidermist- and shipping costs.
  • Tags for extra animal
  • Commercial airline costs.
  • Hotel costs in Fort St. John on arrival and departure
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratitude to your guides, wranglers and cooks are greatly appreciated 

If you have any other request or special needs, please do not hesitate to ask, and we will put in all efforts to meet your requirements.




Global Trophy Logistics (GTL) is organizing the Hunting Trophy Logistics all over the world. Our team has successfully managed trophy export and import for the past 12 years. By choosing very carefully our preferred service providers, we have simplified the logistics processes to ensure that our customers receive the best service from door to door.

For us to carry out the Logistics solutions as lean as possible, we kindly address a few simple steps:

  1. Inform GTL when you plan hunt and what you want to hunt – you can forward your full personal details to: GTL will then record the details and we will advise if any special arrangements have to be taken in consideration before you hunt, such as CITES Import Application or special orders for dip & pack.
  2. Bring with you tags for your trophies, pls. make sure to bring minimum one tag for each individual item (horns, skull and capes / skins). If you chose the service of GTL, we will provide you with 1. Grade trophy tags which will endure the whole taxidermy process.
  3. Select a taxidermy to mount your trophies or do dip & pack for your and once you have an invoice for the trophy work, pls. present it to GTL.
  4. GTL will, based on your taxidermy invoice, forward an estimate for shipping cost all the way to your door for your approval. You are also able to calculate your online
  5. When the Taxidermy has the shipment ready for export we will ship your trophies with immediate effect, after making sure that all document formalities have been made according to the exporting countries rules and regulations.
  6. As soon as the shipping date has been arranged GTL will forward the freight invoice including all cost.
  7. Upon arrival on your destination GTL will have cleared the shipment through customs and veterinary inspection.

GTL offers all Williston Lake Outfitter clients fixed pricing up to our facility in Aarhus, Denmark:


First Black Bear

DKK 2.500,00

First Moose

DKK 5.000,00

First Elk

DKK 5.000,00

First Mountain Goat           

DKK 4.500,00

First Stone Sheep 

DKK 4.500,00

First Wolf

DKK 3.000,00

First Whitetail Deer 

DKK 4.500,00

First Muledeer

DKK 4.500,00

Regarding Black Bear and Wolf, first trophy is per above price list. Additional trophies will cost DKK 2000,00 per trophy, when shipped together (per individual client bundle offer).

Additional charges from our Warehouse to your door will be at cost of our best possible and available delivery solution. All clients are welcome to pick up their trophies at our facility.