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Black Bear
The Black Bear is the most common bear in British Columbia. We have a strong population of this beautiful bear. The color range from black to almost white. The most common is black, but brown is not uncommon at our area. In the spring the bears are hungry and look for the first green grasses to start their digestion after hibernation. We hunt the bears along the old logging roads in our area and in the cut blocks where the spring grass will start early. Perfect for hungry bears. We will spend lots of time watching those logged areas with binoculars as well as looking for tracks on the gravel roads from the side-by-sides. We also hunt the bears on the green hillsides along the lake, spotting from the boat or from a tent camp on the opposite shore. We stay at our main lodge, at remote cabins or in tent camps, depending on how the hunt plays out, and where we have spotted the best Black Bears. No matter your physical capability, or whether you want to hunt by bow or riffle, we will adapt, and make your dreams for a great hunt come true. If you need a break from hunting, we have great fishing opportunities in the huge Williston Lake, as well as in our many rivers, creeks and lakes. Best time

May, June and September