At Williston Lake Outfitters we have some of the best fishing available in the north. With many species and fishing locations we can customize any adventure for you.

With rivers and the big Williston Lake full of huge Bull Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbows and Kokanee, we will make it happen!

If weather or lake conditions get bad, we jump on ATV and go find a monster Bull Trout in one of our beautiful mountain rivers. With camps all over our vast area, we can over night in a mountain spike camp, explore rivers and mountain lakes.

At Williston Lake Outfitters we want to promote family and family adventures together, we have tried to make the pricing so you can bring children or grand children to build great memories and adventures together. We will customize your adventure for what ever you want to do , and if you partner doesn’t want to fish , we can provide all the relaxing time they require.

All trips start from Fort St. John BC. We pick you up at the airport or at your hotel and drive to boat launch at Hudson’s Hope. A warm cabin and a home cooked meal will be ready for you at our main lodge at the shore of Williston Lake. If you are feeling up to it, maybe a short evening on the lake to get your lines wet. We provide nice hearty hot breakfast and bagged lunch or shore lunches, as weather or adventure plays out. After a warm meal, evenings will be spent around fire pit enjoying good stories and warm (or cold) beverage.

We will do our best to give you an adventure of a lifetime!


Rainbow Trout is one of the prettiest trout we have at Williston Lake Outfitters. Beautiful blue/green on their backs to silver side and belly. Along their sides a nice band of pink. They are located both in lake and in our rivers and streams. Very common to catch using a variety of lures and flys. Very good for a shore lunch or in a smoker.


Bull Trout is common in all streams in northern British Columbia. At Williston Lake Outfitters, we have never the less, caught some very big ones in the lake, not common but they are there. It is a very aggressive specie, that chases just about any lure or big streamer fly. A very delicious eating fish!


The Lake Trout is a very slow growing, cold water specie that can reach impressive sizes. They are quite ravenous, and eat all other species the can catch. In the spring, we find them in shallow waters eating on easy game fish prey. As the summer progresses, and the water warms, they go deeper, and anglers must change their tactics. They can be a little finicky to catch but when the bite is on, your chances of catching the fish of a life time are great… and if it’s a smaller one that bites ….  Very great shore lunch ….


Kokanee is the non-migrating form of Sockeye Salmon. Like all pacific salmon, they will die after their first spawning. Kokanee has blue backs and silver sides. When compared to other trout, they have finer scales, larger eyes, and deeply forked tail. Kokanee is caught from spring to fall. The best fishing for Kokanee is during late spring when plankton blooms are more common. By that time, the Kokanee becomes more aggressive and will be found closer to the surface. Trolling, still fishing, and jigging is among the preferred ways to fish for the Kokanee.