Welcome to Williston Lake Outfitters Ltd.

Adventure Customized For You


We have a first-class lodge with all the amenities of home... except you don’t have to wash dishes after supper!!!

All guests are invited to stay a day or two before the adventure begins, to relax and rest before going to your out camp.

No matter your age, physical condition or any kind of needs; whether you prefer comfortable cabins or more rough living, we want to accommodate and make your dream adventure a reality and make your stay an unforgettable one.

Travis and his high skilled professional team will put in all efforts to meet your personal requirements and fulfill your Canadian wilderness dreams.

We look forward to welcoming you as friends and say goodbye as family!



Marianne Andersen


A dream has come true…

I am the proud owner of Williston Lake Outfitters in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I live in Denmark at a small lodge in the forest…  the closest you can get to wilderness in a small country like Denmark. Being able to enjoy the silence and beauty of nature is a gift that I appreciate every day.

I am born and raised in a family with strong tradition for the love of nature, all kind of wildlife and hunting. The foundation stone for my Canadian dream has been laid many years ago.

Throughout the years I have spent many months hunting in great places around the world.

I have been given unforgettable adventure and met some very great people…  lifelong friendships have developed.

I am very proud to be working with our high skilled outfitter Travis Mayer and his professional team of guides and wranglers at Williston Lake Outfitters Ltd.  Travis has a huge experience in guiding and outfitting, and he is an excellent host!

We are sure to bring all that experience as a benefit for our guests at Williston Lake Outfitters Ltd, no matter if you come for hunting, fishing or any other kind of wilderness adventure.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our lodge, and will do whatever we can to make your stay an unforgettable one!!

Travis Mayer


Hunting has always been a huge and very important part of my life. My father was a passionate hunter, and worked as a big game guide. From I was only a little boy he took me hunting whenever he had the chance. The seed for my lifelong passion for hunting and adventure has been sowed, and already by then, it filled my head with dreams of hunt and adventure.
I went to my first outfitter camp at age 13. We rode horses from main lodge all day to get to a small cabin camp to spend the night. As we rode up we could see that a grizzly had been there first, destroying the door into cabin and most or the inside. What a way to start for a young guy!!
That summer was amazing; hunting Stone Sheep, Goats and Moose with my father and his clients from around the world. Rode horses through high mountain passes, chased horses, fished in places maybe nobody had ever been before! ... The dreams of adventure really started to grow.
I worked as a wrangler in that camp for most of my teenage years, cooking, helping and in charge of horses; filling up my back pack with adventure and experience.
The summer I turned 19 my boss called me to his office: “TRAVIS !!” he said, “Time to take the bull by the horns!!!! You have a sheep hunter in a week. He has a bad knee, and you only have 9 days to get a ram!” We harvested the second largest ram that year, and on the first day of our hunt!
Now I am a proud father of 4... Been away from industry for a few years raising my children, having a whole different adventure ...
I am once again back to Outfitting!



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